Building expertise is not something that happens overnight. Knowledge has to be acquired, increased and, above all, passed on over years. RUDOLF has practised this philosophy for more than 90 years.

Our colleagues, who by now work in more than 50 locations worldwide, are proof of this. Even the smallest details are developed together by an international exchange of experience in the „RUDOLF Eco System“ in order to be able to combine and reflect the requirements of a wide variety of cultures. This enables us to convey our strict rules and regulations as part of a personally created value chain, even in regions in which people take liberties with environmental protection and sustainability.

Similarly, we also react to people‘s particular needs on site in that we ensure that our measures are also implemented in these production facilities and laboratories, faithful to the motto: „Think global, act local!“.


Chemistry for every weather - Greenpeace examined outdoor clothing for perfluorinated pollutants and pointed out the BIONIC-FINISH®ECO from RUDOLF, among others, as a clean alternative.

As a matter of course, we, and in particular our clients, expect outstanding performance from our colleagues. Getting actively involved, having ideas and trying out new things is both an option and an obligation at RUDOLF.

There is plenty of room for ideas and innovation in the fields of pre-treatment, dyeing, finishing, coating, digital printing and after care. Most recently added, but no less important for it, is the construction chemistry department.

RUDOLF stands up to testing

A wide variety of different samples are analysed in our quality laboratory per production shift.

Chemical products, particularly those which are used in the food industry or, as in our case, are often worn directly next to the skin, have to withstand constant testing.

As a result, more than 200 employees thoroughly test all of our products and their applications in the RUDOLF GROUP laboratories worldwide. In addition, we have the possibility of testing a wide range of production mechanisms under laboratory conditions in order to examine every conceivable process and be able to adjust them under laboratory conditions.

We understand the technology

The product range from RUDOLF covers more than 700 chemical substances in liquid and solid form for the textiles market.

We are also continually tested and certified by a wide range of institutions. In 1997, RUDOLF was one of the first companies to gain ISO 9001/14001 certification, which we have held since.

For many years, RUDOLF has been a responsible member of the chemicals industry with the voluntary Responsible Care Initiative, which stands for responsible action regarding the environment, health and safety.

Researching intensively with curiosity

More than 5,000 laboratory orders are comprehensively and promptly processed annually in our service and application technology laboratories for our clients.

It is hard to imagine the wide range of requirements that modern textiles must satisfy today. Whether babies‘ underwear, lingerie, „washed-out“ jeans, the finest Haute Couture fabrics or surgical drapes, work or protective clothing for the fire brigade, refuse collectors, the ambulance service or workshops - it is a broad spectrum.

We deliver everywhere

For decades, our products have been used around the world. As a result, we take account of moving production and are present in all of the major textile markets.

Consumer pressure on fashion labels to produce items which are ecological and not harmful to health has increased drastically in recent years. This is a pressure which these labels must pass on directly to their manufacturers - along with the demand that all of their materials must only be obtained from companies which can deliver appropriate harmless raw materials.

Comprehensive environmental protection

By investing in the latest production technologies, active substances with purity grades of more than 99.9 % can be achieved.

For all our products, we put in the maximum effort to ensure that they are environmentally friendly and will not cause harm to people or animals either during use or when disposed of by our customers. This applies not only to the finished product, but must also be established during development.

For RUDOLF, acting ecologically doesn‘t just mean putting in suitable filters in order to meet predefined thresholds. It is the entire manufacturing process which must be scrutinised and meticulously verified.

The starting signal for the future

On average, approx. 120 tons of products are moved every day at RUDOLF in Geretsried - 60 tons of which alone is picked for production.

In recent decades, technical progress has seen significant acceleration. We are taking this development into account. In close interdisciplinary cooperation with the best of our company, supplemented by the experience of external specialists, we were able to launch the most modern production plant in our industry this year.

Our new production hall for silicone products, for example, relies on technologies which are combined with each other in completely new ways for the first time here. From a technological point of view, this results in an approach which not only sets standards in environmental protection but is also exemplary in terms of cost-effectiveness.