SILVERPLUS® - natural hygiene, protection and freshness with EPA-registration of the raw material


the functional cluster technology for coatings

An increasing coating trend is functionalising surfaces by controlling microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi, etc with silver ions. Thanks to a special micro-pigmented carrier technology, which, by means of moisture, enables the availability of silver ions from a virtually infinite deposit, the RUDOLF GROUP has pushed this technology and has developed it to be the leading system under the brand name SILVERPLUS®.

Especially for the coating sector PU systems, such as RUCO-COAT EC 4811, have been developed which, when incorporating the SILVERPLUS pigments, do not close the polymer matrix, but further allow the bacteriostatic effect of SILVERPLUS to be active.

SILVERPLUS® is the functional cluster technology with multiple fields of use ranging from textile functionalising, coating, to end-user applications.


  • EPA registration of the active ingredient
  • Oeko-Tex registration of active ingredient preparations
  • Highly effective silver ion technology thanks to special carrier technology
  • Compatible with breathable, water-vapour-permeable coating systems
  • Easily worked in
  • High-temperature-resistant inorganic pigment
Product Appearance Ionic character Chemical basis Oeko-Tex registration* of the product EPA** registration of the antimicrobial active ingredientbluesign® approval Profile
RUCO-BAC EPA CONC white, milky suspension anionic AgCl/TiO2 yes yes in progresshighly concentrated hygiene system
RUCO-BAC EPA white, milky suspension anionic AgCl/TiO2 - yes -economic hygiene system
RUCO 3232 white, milky suspension anionic AgCl/TiO2 - yes -raw material for end-user preparations
RUCO-BAC AGP white, milky suspension anionic AgCl/TiO2 yes - yeshighly concentrated hygiene system
RUCO-BAC AGL white, milky suspension anionic AgCl/TiO2 yes - -economic hygiene system

* see www.oeko-tex.com
** EPA = Environmental Protection Agency, USA