RUDOLF Silicones
Outstanding polymers

As a partner to the worldwide textile industry, RUDOLF has specialised in the field of tailor-made, functionally modified silicones and offers technologically advanced and innovative silicone products. The trend-setting patents in the field of quaternarily modified polysiloxanes are an example for the innovative power of the RUDOLF GROUP.

Generally, the modified RUDOLF GROUP polysiloxanes can be effectively used by a wide range of industries, such as the worldwide textile industry (textile finishing, textile coating, technical textiles, textile care), leather and construction industry, cleaning and care industry, chemical industry (formulating manufacturers), automotive industry and other sectors.

Trade names of silicone products by RUDOLF


Functional silicone polymers (amino/amido/glycol/quaternarily/polyfunctionally modified) as active ingredients for manufacturing formulations for all branches of industry.


Emulsions for designing and improving handle, look, function and technological properties in the textile field


Waterproofing additives for pasty masonry coatings; for confering optimum protection to a wide range of buildings


Silicone impregnating agents (aqueous or solvent-containing) for the construction industry as a precautionary measure against damage caused by moisture


Water-based silicone water repellents for obtaining high water impermeability and good breathability of leather


Water or solvent-based silicone products for post-impregnation, waterproofing, textile care and other surfaces