Fluorine-free into the future with Bionic

How it works and technique

Why do the feathers of birds not become wet? Why does this type of water repellency in nature work without perfluorinated compounds?

The RUDOLF GROUP replies to these questions by means of the scientific branch Bionic. Bionic does not mean to just imitate nature, but to realise its functional principles and to transfer them to technical solutions. Thus, new technologies for imparting hydrophobic properties, which are viable for the future and ecologically advantageous, have been developed.

Hydrophobic finishing with BIONIC-FINISH® ECO is based on a fluorine-free recipe. Hyper-branched, hydrophobic polymers with ramified structures such as treetops orientate in a well-ordered manner on the textile and crystallise on specially adapted comb polymers. The optimum arrangement of many functional elements is highly effective. Additional boosters ensure optimum attaching and permanence on many fibre substrates.


Performance of BIONIC-FINISH® ECO

  • Very good repellency of water and aqueous substances
  • Resistant to washing
  • Suitable for all fibre types
  • No oil repellency
  • Up to 20 wash cycles (40° C) with subsequent ironing feasible
  • Not resistant to dry cleaning
  • High wearability of sports or outdoor jackets with membrane technology
  • No substantial handle modification
  • Effects are resistant to abrasion and wear
  • Alternative to previous fluorocarbon finishes

Additional information on BIONIC-FINISH® ECO

  • No special washing agents necessary
  • Do not use softeners in home laundering
  • Tumble drying or ironing after washing recommended
  • Due to the article, line-drying possible
  • Free of paraffin, but no influence on breathability
  • Not water-proof (membrane or coating technology required)
  • Process as in FC finishing
  • No additional costs compared with FC finishing