the best of two worlds


The interactive System for functional textiles

Hybrids are the combination of different products and processes with the purpose of increasing or optimising the performance. Due to the combination, new, desired properties arise. Technically, hybrid is a system combining two different technologies. HYBRIDTEX® optimises textile functions by hydrophobic/hydrophilic effects on one single fabric.


Soil and water-repellent outside, moisture-absorbing inside

In order to meet these functions

  • A maximum of hydrophobic effect outside is necessary
  • A moderate hydrophilic effect inside is sufficient
  • A (tightly) woven fabric is needed as a basis

Especially suitable for

  • Functional wear
  • Uniforms
  • Trousers
  • Blouses & shirts

Coating process

  • Hydrophobic coating on the outside with a fluorocarbon, a fluorine-reduced or a fluorine-free BIONIC product
  • Hydrophilic finish on the inside

  • Withstands a light rain shower
  • No perspiration spots on dark coloured shirts
  • White or light coloured shirts will not get transparent when getting wet 


Moisture transportation in textiles re-defined

At the moment, HYBRIDTEX® INVERSE is the best available moisture managment system on PES shirts. The most important functions of moisture management are

  • moisture transport away from the skin for a dry feeling
  • spreading the moisture to enable quick drying of the textile

The „wicking test“ cannot show these superior effects

To meet these functions

  • A light to moderate hydrophobic effect on the inner side is ideal
  • A maximum hydrophilic effect on the outside of the fabric is necessary
  • A knitted fabric has to be used
  • Synthetic fibers, especially PES, are more suitable than cellulosic fibers

Especially suitable for

•    Underwear
•    Shirts for running & cycling etc.

Direct contact of the fabric with the skin is required!

Coating process

  • Hydrophobic coating on the inside with a fluorinefree or a fluorine-reduced BIONIC product or a fluorocarbon
  • Hydrophilic finish on the outside

  • Sweat passes the hydrophobic layer, will be absorbed and spread out by the hydrophilic outer layer
  • Skin and inner side of fabric stays dry
  • Quick evaporation due to spreading of liquid on the outer side of the fabric


We are happy to assist you in implementing the process on your articles.