High end effects

Water, oil and soil-repellent functionalising of textiles by means of the patented RUCO-GUARD® fluorocarbon technology and BIONIC-FINISH®

What are fluorocarbon polymers?

Fluorocarbon polymers are highly developed specialty chemicals that are applied to many different substrates (e. g. textiles, leather, paper, stones etc.) to produce water, oil and soil-repellent effects. In the field of textiles they are applied both on clothing material and home textiles as well as on technical textiles for a durable protection against rain, snow, soil and stains and to maintain the nice aspect and the character of the textile. RUDOLF GROUP is marketing fluorocarbon polymers and their formulations under the brand name RUCO-GUARD®.

What are fluorocarbon polymers capable of?

While finishes with products based on paraffins, modified fatty acid derivatives or silicones render the textile only water-repellent, fluorocarbon polymers confer them additional soil and oil repellency. Another advantage over conventional water-repellent agents is the excellent air and water vapour permeability of the textiles finished with fluorocarbon polymers. In combination with blocked isocyanates (see also boosters) excellent permanent effects can be produced.

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