RUDOLF GROUP pioneers a new path: the upcycling of post-consumer, disposable and non-returnable beverage PET plastic bottles into valuable textile chemistry. Recycled PET bottles, in the form of washed flakes, can now be the raw material for the manufacturing of some of our textile auxiliaries without attacking new, virgin resources. This tremendous innovation falls under the CYCLE-LOGIC® brand, part of RUDOLF Aspirational Chemistry® and a new horizon for the textile and apparel industries.

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The first intelligent moisture management technology for PES textiles based on post-consumer, recycled PET bottles.

  • highly wash-resistant hydrophilic properties, absorptive power and soil-release effects
  • easy washing off of pigment and fat-containing soil
  • improvement of synthetic textiles' antistatic properties
  • supple handle (micro touch effect)
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The most advanced dispersing agent for indigo washing based on post-consumer, recycled PET bottles.

  • most effective avoidance of backstaining by indigo
  • highest dispersing power for unfixed indigo dyestuff
  • versatile and suitable for many steps in denim garment processing
  • stable and easy-to-dose formulation
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The first, all-in-one, multi-functional, high-affinity polymer dyeing auxiliary based on post-consumer, recycled PET bottles.

  • Confers durable hydrophilic properties
  • High dispersing and emulsifying power
  • Improved crease recovery
  • Confers durable softness
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One of the fundamentals of BETTER CHEMISTRY is collaboration. Product innovations, technical improvements, product ennobling, new aesthetics and performance, solid environmental R&D projects and marketing programs developed in partnership within the textile and adjacent industries.

It's about traveling together. Collaborating and growing with the only purpose of creating win-wins in the arena of ethical textile and fashion and in the name of love for quality.

In partnership with our customers, we elaborate tailor-made, customer-oriented technical and marketing tools that support specific objectives. This includes, for example, designing marketing assets for tradeshows and promotional campaigns.

Our marketing team as well as decades of experience in the field of textiles promotion can be available to you!

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