RUDOLF GROUP - More than 90 years as a manufacturer of products for textile finising and construction chemistry


Rudolf Duraner is a joint venture company of the German chemical company Rudolf GmbH founded in 1922 and Duraner family, which is in business life since 1935. Rudolf Duraner was founded in 1999.

The German partner Rudolf GmbH, today with over 1.500 employees, production facilities in 8 countries including South Africa, Indonesia, Brazil, Turkey, America, Pakistan, India and China, represented by subsidiaries in 20 countries and sales offices in 30 countries, is an international company.

The main feature that distinguishes Rudolf GmbH from other competitors is its service-oriented approach. With the slogan “big enough to matter, small enough to care”, it adds value to customer processes with a special approach to the needs and demands of each customer. While it has the advantage of being big in technology and competitiveness, it is very flexible and customer-oriented in its service-oriented approach.

Duraner, the other partner of our company, is a family that has given years to the textile sector. Its business life started with spice trade as Duraner Aktariye and, due to the development of the textile sector in Bursa, continued with dyeing and chemical activities as a new company named Duraner Boya. Again, Burboya firmfounded in 1980, is one of the few companies producing textile dyes in Turkey. After 1999, the family transferred the chemical part of Duraner Boya to the recently established Rudolf-Duraner partnership and still continues its existence in textile dyeing sector as Duraner.

Founded in 1999, Rudolf-Duraner is an integrated company in R & D, production and marketing. It is a company being aware that it can be different with an excellent service understanding in the information age, where there are no custom walls and communication is perfect.

In this context, Rudolf Duraner is a company which dedicated itself to solve customer problems and fulfill their dreams with a very strong technical marketing with technical infrastructure, an experienced technical service team always ready to support the production process, Turkey's leading laboratory operating as a kind of forensic medicine which is accredited by Turkak.

In 2017, with a team of 42 people, it became the R & D center.

In addition to our production facility based in Bursa, we have warehouses in Çorlu, Aegean and Maraş for a fast logistics service.

While providing all these services to our customers, it is our priority to reduce the environmental impact of not only our own production processes but also our customers processes. We strive to guide our customers and brands in this regard with our efforts for a sustainable environment

Our company has DIN ISO 9001 Quality Management System, DIN EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, DIN EN 45001 Worker Health and Safety Management System and ISO EN 27001 Information Security System certificates.